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We are David and Michele Pentecost and about 4 years ago we started the process of adoption. Eighteen months later we welcomed to our family the most adorable little boy from Russia.
We are now trying to enlarge our family, once again through adoption, but need some financial help as the costs involved are extreme.We understand that there are many outstretched hands so we would like to offer you something in return that you might be able to give as a gift or even enjoy yourself, while helping us in the process.

Please take a moment to look over the items below. We are accepting orders now and you are free to use the cart buttons below.

We will be adding more items so please check back often. All cookies are packaged in decorative boxes, perfect for gift-giving. If you have any questions, or if you'd like to email me your order, please feel free to contact me (Michele) at michele (at)

One last thing, feel free to stop over to our blog where we will be posting updates on our progress. Here is the link:
Thank you so very much!